Reinventing Trade Finance

Credit Management

What is it?

B2B buyers and suppliers usually transact with credit terms based on set periods of time - for example, periods of 30, 45, or 60 days. Unfortunately, buyers sometimes default, exposing suppliers to serious risks that could impact their cash flow and their business.

Credit management is the art of offering the best possible credit terms to buyers while keeping credit exposure at an acceptable level on the supplier side.

Where is credit management reinvention happening?

Two trends are accelerating the reinvention of credit management: the platformization of trade finance, and B2B big data. Innovative approaches can already be observed in Supply Chain Finance platforms and B2B marketplaces.

Single Invoice Cover

Single Invoice Cover not only protects B2B trade from defaults, transaction by transaction, it also optimizes end-to-end supply chains by extending the best possible credit terms to buyers, while ensuring suppliers and platforms remain in total control of their credit exposure.

Single Invoice Cover is a revolutionary approach to credit management, built on three pillars

  • Designed from scratch with the best technologies to be highly performant and scalable, offering real-time protection even in very large and active marketplaces.

  • Building a global B2B trade graph from all the data we obtain from each partner, to effectively evaluate each transaction.

  • Capitalizing on over 100 years of credit risk management expertise at Euler Hermes, the world leader in trade credit insurance.


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